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Creating a network using R

Step by step tutorial to create a network that you can open on any browser.

Creating beautiful charts in chinese with ggplot2

Bars, stacked bars, lines and stacked area plots with chinese characters in ggplot2 2.2.

RStudio Server on OS X Sierra

I had to install RStudio Server in a computer recently upgraded to OS X Sierra.

Joy Division's Unknown PleasuRes

I wanted to create a wallpaper and here's how I solved white borders and some difficulties.

RStudio Server on OS X El Capitan

This is the result of trial and error until I got RStudio Server working in my network.

About Me

My name is Mauricio Vargas S. and I'm a Data Analyst working for Datawheel. This blog is a collection of my data projects and things I've learned using mostly R and other tools. The opinions expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect on my employer.